3d printing and beeswax

For my sculpture studio class, I have decided to work with 3d printing as well. I was thinking about all of the waste that comes out of the printing process and the left over plastic things that are filling up the digilab. I wanted to do something with those left over pieces. I ended up working with both found and printed objects. For the pieces I printed, I found their files on Thingiverse. Mixing the synthetic material with a natural material like beeswax was another way for me to explore the contrasts between nature made and man made. Here are some of the products of my investigation.


Laser cut box test


Here is the first test for the laser cut box project. There were two others but I had some hidden double lines that I need to fix. Because of this, lines were cut where I needed them to be fold lines. I am happy with the shape, but it turned out a lot smaller than I had expected. Next time I will pay attention to the measurements.